Calender not shown


i added the following plug-in “Easy Booking” from “

look here:

if you want to choose a date for booking the calendar does not appear.

I asked the owner of the plugin and she told me the problem comes from the theme:

Look, here is her answer:

Thanks for all the details!

So, it’s an issue with your theme which generates a Javascript error, which prevents Easy Booking from working. I’ve seen this before, it seems that the flexslider.js file is not loaded so the function $().flexslider is not defined.

Unfortunately I don’t really know how to solve this, it’s probably very easy as it’s only a missing file, but you should ask your theme support.

I wish I could do more, I’m sorry!


How can i fix this issue to use your theme?

Because I really need this booking option, otherwise i have to change the theme

many thanks

Hi @costa,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Could you please try using latest version of Shapely theme by downloading it from the below page where we have fixed many issues in the theme?

Best Regards,