Call For Action Section(s) - How To Reduce Height Using CSS

I want to know how I can use CSS to reduce the height of the Call For Action sections on my homepage. They appear to be about 15%-20% in height and I would like to reduce them all so that they are no taller than 10%. Hopefully, this is possible.

Take a look at to see what I am talking about.


Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS and add this CSS Snippet in it,

.cfa-section .btn-lg {
    height: 40px;
    line-height: 38px;

Let us know,


Thanks for the quick response. However, this did not achieve the desired effect.
What I want to do is make the vertical size of the call for action section so that it is about 10% of the vertical screen space. It is currently about 30%. However, I was able to modify your code so that I could adjust the height of the cfa-section as in this example:

.cfa-section {
     height: 10%;
     padding: 10px;

This created another problem which I will address in another ticket.