Can I change Title Jumbotron for a image? Or remove the points of title?

Good morning.

I’m working for my web, and I would like remove the titles and points of Jumbotron Page Front and put an image with the same scroll performance.

If this will be impossible, I would like remove the points and the title’s text.

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Thank you!

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In order to replace the text with an image the theme would have to be customized with new code to accommodate those changes.

You can remove the text by simply going to Appearance > Customize > Jumbotron Section and delete/remove the titles that are in the fields.

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Yes, I remove the points.

In order to the image, I knew, but what is the code and how i can change?

I need help!


What you meant is removing all the texts here: and keep the image intact, so that the parallax effect is intact? It seems you already achieved that.

If something other, can you please tell us what exactly you need to change, so that we can help you if that is not so much code edits.

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I would like replace the text function by an image with the same effect (parallax or scroll).

I only want put one image in .png in the place of the Title text, with the background fixed and the image in .png doing parallax effect.

The words between lines is the image that I would like put in the place of the text, such as image.

How I can do it?