Can I move the footer sidebars so that they are all centered?


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In my sites footer sidebar on the home page, I have a widget image in sidebar one, and then ‘information, services and support’ in the others. They are currently not centered on the page, and are slightly different widths apart.
Is there a css to be able to fix this so that I can move them accordingly?

site link:

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So, just for confirmation, you want all texts in the footer widgets and images to be centered?


thanks for your reply!

I have attached a screen grab of the footer - All four sections are placed further to the left, leaving a large space on the far right.
It is ever so slight, but the 4 different sections are also all different widths apart, and I would really like to be able to make them evenly spaced.

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Good evening

Thank you for the reply, yes i understand the problem, but what i did not understand how you want to fix it? :slight_smile: centering widget text? moving footer widgets on the right? how do you want to fix them?