Can I use a template that is not free?

Hello! Not really sure from where I got it but I would like to use a template that normally you have to pay a subscription to get it, I got it from some other template website where it was free to download. After that I saw that it was created by colorlib.

This is the link for the template in question: Handyman - Best Handyman Website Template 2022 - Colorlib

My question is, can I modify and use it for my business? As a portofolio.
I’ve read in the License tab that should be fine as long as I don’t remove the copyright footer or sell/rent/lease it to someone else.
I’m asking because I don’t want to get into any trouble if I’m using the template.

Thank you!

Hi there

getting our templates from other source is not legal, you need to obtain at least single template license

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Alright. Thank you for the response. Guess i’ll have to buy a license. One more question, after purchasing a single template license I can use it for one year and when it expires I have to buy for another year in order to still use it?


you can buy one year license, with no subscription is necessary and you can continue using theme

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