Can`t import Demo mediafiles and jetpack-portfolio


I was trying to set up Demo content using this guide: Shapely Theme Documentation - Colorlib , because after installing all plugins and pressing “Set demo” button there still was no imagies on my website. So, after I tried to upload Demo manually via WordPress importer (shapely-demo.xml), I get a bunch of errors like “Fail to import Mediafile “canola2”” and “Fail to import “Project #5”: wrong jetpack-portfolio file”.

Here is my website: Your advice woud be very useful!

Hey there

I see you already setup a page and you already have images on the site, looks like you found a workaround?

Yeah, I simply uploaded some test imagies. I think i`m happy with the result for now. Sorry for bothering.

Thank you for your amazing template, I really like it.

Hi there

Ah, no problem at all, its pleasure to help :slight_smile:

Have a nice day