Can you make featured images not to show on the article page?

I’ve got a question about the featured images:
can you make them not to show on the article-page?
or can you maybe make the thumb on the homepage be different from the image above the article?

I would like to have the images on the homepage to be portrait… but in the articles itself I don’t want them to be (i want them to be landscapes always)… Because the article itself is more important than the ‘thumb’…
I hope you know what i mean :wink: And i hope there is a simple solution :slight_smile:

It is much easier to remove featured image from post page than it is to show two different images (different sizes, shapes or other) but it is doable.

You might want to look into this plugin and its FAQ.
It allows to display multiple featured images, so you can customize theme to show it on different places.

If you decide to remove featured image from Post page here is what you should do:

Open single.php file. You can access it via WordPress dashboard → Appearance → Editor.

Fine the line that says

< ?php the_post_thumbnail( 'detail-image' ); ?>
and remove it entirely.