Cancel subscription

I subscribe to colorlib and download one HTML template.
If I cancel the subscription I still can use the template for personal and business purposes?


Hi Goran

May I ask why you want to cancel your subscription if you want to use a template?

Because I do not need anymore the subscription. I use one template but I do not need anymore.
In any platform if I cancel the subscription I can use the template because I already paid and have licence key.


Well, no need to cancel anything, you may use the template you purchased,
There is no such thing to cancel a subscription, just use the template

how you are mean no such thing to cancel a subscription?

here is a subscription to pay every year.

Hi there

Thanks for more details, I thought about something else, as I see you want to stop your subscription after the purchase period, that’s, of course, possible, I thought you wanted to terminate subscription before the purchase period ends

As I see you already canceled it?

Hi, yes. I cancel the subscription. So I can use the template?

Hi Goran

yes, in this case you can :slight_smile: