Cannot change Jumbotron image on my website


I’m just getting started with my website and am having trouble changing the main image on the website. Although it’s a nice image, it wouldn’t be very professional to have the default image up on my personal blog :stuck_out_tongue:

Please see the attached image. How and where can I change it? I’m on v2.0.1, which I believe is the latest one.

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In order to change the Jumbotron image, you’ll need to go to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Sections > Jumbotron Section > Backgrounds.

You should be able to change the image from there.

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Hello there. I also new to COLORLIB. Thank You for your work. I’m facing some problems changing the Jumbotron image.
I followed all the instructions and video, but when i go to: Appearance > Customize > Front Page Sections > Jumbotron Section i have no Backgrounds side where i can select my own image. Also even the section as shown in the Illdy Theme Documentation - Colorlib is not the same. Please any help ?

It’s ok. I had to scroll down just e little bit more. Maby the link/doc are old and the view is not the same

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I am having the same issue, however even when I tell WordPress to select a different image, only the original preloaded image appears. I do not see another solution. Can anyone help?

Hi @wolfman7290

What exactly is your problem? You can’t find the place to change the image or you changed it and its not changing? Can you please provide URL of the website?


The jumbotron image will not change, it is the coffee cup. No matter what I do I will not change. I have tried to change the image, I have deleted the background image from the image folder. But It still only shows the image of the coffee.

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@wolfman7290 you already started your ticket here: Jumbotron background not changing even when I attempt to change it

Please don’t duplicate queries

I am glad to one have one topic going at a time, if I would get an answer or even a response. So please let me know what is going on. I have added an account to my site as mentioned on the other post. But without a response I need to continue to try to find some thing that will be able to help.
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No need to reply in other tickets, please keep posting only in your thread :slight_smile: