Cannot Change Portum Demo Content Theme

When I first installed this theme there was an option to change the demo content ‘original’ ‘material’ ‘one’ ‘construction’ etc… i chose ‘material’ and it loaded up. Everything seemed fine but I’d like to see a couple other content choices. I see the place to make the changes - appearance/about portum/demo content (tab)

The choices are there for the different versions with a select button under each one - i press select under my choice - then the next screen has some options where i am told to choose a style and click ‘next’ - well there was no next button and the new screen has an import button that is grayed out so to speak and not clickable. all i can do is choose another side menu option or cancel.

i have deleted portum entirely and when i reinstall it - the wizard doesn’t run and the theme starts on my old choice ‘material’ version. picture attached of my other choice with the grayed out import button -

thanks in advance!

Good morning Ken

Try to reset wordpress installation, use this plugin: WP Database Reset – WordPress plugin |