Cannot download Calendar CV07

The only email I received when I signed up and tried to download this calendar was to be subscribed to emails. I have received no email with any link to download this. and yes, I checked my spam folder.
Can somebody please send me the download link so I can use this calendar. Thank you

Hi Kevin

Which Calendar? can you show me the direct link?


CV07 calendar and the only email and link I have received from you is this one that wanted me to confirm my email:
Confirm: You're subscribed!

Hello, is anybody there that cares? I still have no way to download the calendar.

Hi @kmyers45

Im trying to search for CV07 in our templates but I can’t find it, can you please share the direct link?


Hey there,
I just tried it and it worked without any problem for me, from the first try, can you please try again?
use chrome browser