Cannot edit Testimonials ,Services in widjet

For editing these sections,I go to Widgets and Block editor shows. I don’t know which block I have to add for editing (or create) Testimonials or Services. For Project sections, I add Image block and it works. Tutorial Youtube document is too old and it doesn’t help this problem…

Hey there

You can do this from Appearance > Customize, then find the homepage editor and you will see all the possible homepage widgets.


For editing each pages, I go to Appearance > Customize > Widget but everythins is empty. I have to create blocks by block editor by myself.
According to tutorial video, It shows old editor and fields are shown. We can’t use latest block editor for editing widget?


No, those widgets are intended to show and work only for homepage, on other pages you can do anything you want, you can even use page builder


well…it doesn’t work on Home page (front page).
so,I must create blocks by myself for each section…
I can’ t use your sample sections…

Hi there

Sorry about that, if it’s not working on the homepage I can investigate this case, can you please provide admin details in a DM and I will check your problem.