Cannot get full-width display options on site pages

Please can you assist. I have put together the site and am desperately wanting to have the pages full width (especially the images). (This site is not a blog site). It seems only my home page has that functionality, and the other pages I’ve had to edit/create in another ‘program’ - SiteOrigin, for some odd reason. There is no Colorlib/Shapely option on re-creating new pages. I’m wondering if the Shapely Demo content which I initially downloaded has successfully uploaded? Can you please help me with this? Thank you in advance!!

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The page content appears to be full width but the text is centered.


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Thank you very much for your response, and I hope you are well too.

I would very much like all my site pages to be full width, including the images as per the sample link you just sent me. However if you look at my pages (links below), you will see the image is a little 3/4 block.

The template for those pages are set to ‘default template’ under the Page Attributes tab. There is no ‘parent’ selected under that drop down either. When I edited it from ‘default template’ to ‘full width’, I see the text is displaying but the image has vanished entirely, even though featured image is set. I changed it back to 'default template now.

Can you advise how I can get the images on these 2 pages to run full width, please?

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Did you use the Site Origin editor to add that image? If so, you need to use that editor to increase the image and column width.

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Please excuse my ignorance, I am new to WP and all of this. I added the images that reflect on this page via the ‘Featured Image’ column on the far right of the WP dashboard. It was not within the SiteOrigin editor, that I can make out.

Dear Support

I have now added the image via the SiteOrigin Image as you suggest. There are various image settings, of which I have used: full, Shapely Full, Large, and ticked the ‘full-width’ box at the bottom, and although I’m getting a much larger image, it does not run full width. Please can you tell me which settings to select to get this right? I find no option to adjust column width either. Please can you help?

Thank you so much

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Can you please provide a link to the page you are editing?

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Here are the 2 pages that I really need to display in full width:

and (this page I would also like to add icon elements as what appear on the home page)

Thank you for your assistance!

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Please set your page template to full width from page attributes,
Secondly, you have to decide are you using site origins page builder or not, this plugin is great but if you are not using it then you have to deactivate it because it makes some changes in page layout

Hello Noda
Thank you for your message.
Right, so I changed it to full-width under attributes, and I deactivated Site Origin (it sounded like that was maybe the problem?). The result though although there is text content and a featured image uploaded, is a blank page. I have attached a screenshot of my dashboard - does it help you see whats going on and why everything has disappeared?
I haven’t touched the services page yet, just trying to get it right on the ‘about us’
Thanks for your help

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Ok, i see it now and im sure i know what is the problem,
Please deactivate jetpack image lazy load module and try again :slight_smile:

Hi Noda
Thank you, I have deactivated Jetpack lazy image and still no full width image:-(. It will not allow spaces in between my paragraphs of text on About Us page anymore either.
I would also like to have some of the home page functionality (parallax & icons sections) on my services page - is this possible?

I attach screenshots of various to help you, I will even give you direct access to my dashboard as I am desperate to resolve this as quickly as possible. Your assistance is appreciated. here are the links:


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The problem solved by jetpack module deactivation was invisible images, full-width images cannot be achieved here because the template is not full width, it uses fixed width container and without major css modification its not possible to have full-width images, however im not sure about page builder, most probably they can achieve this, please check this in their documentation or in support

Thank you for clarity.

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Glad we could help.

Is there anything else that we can assist you with?

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That is all for now - thank you for all your help.

You are welcome :slight_smile:
I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!