Cannot remove Archives and products from my clickable shop menu

Hello I am sure and sorry for creating a new post on this subject which i am sure has been touched on previously. I installed the woocommerce plugin on my Illdy theme, but now for some reason I cannot figure out how to get rid of when I click my Shop menu i created i see as the image I posted here the Archives and Products logo shows up. Could someone direct me to where exactly I would be able to remove these and if so I am not familiar how to get to my CSS area if someone directs me to there to remove it. Also if it’s on my server that i need to change that, do you mean my hosting server?? Thank you so much as this is really annoying as i have spent hours trying to figure out how to rid of those two words completely.

Thank you.


First of all, thank you for the interest in our themes!

I’m sorry that you spend so much time looking for this issue.
Indeed, you can find a couple of references for this in previous posts.

What you need to do is to access the previously mentioned hosting server.
There you will find the WordPress installation folder and inside wp-content > themes > illdy > inc you can also find the template-tags.php file that handles the archives and other text you are looking for.

Please confirm you got everything alright.


Thank you with assistance from my Hosting Server he took me there, but what to do now Is beyond me?? As i got to the Inc part, but I do not know what and where to go from there to delete the text??

Just access the template-tags.php and delete the Archives: and other texts that you do not want on your header.

Let me know if you got it alright!