Cannot set an image for my categories

Can someone please help me? With my other Colorlib theme (Unite) there was no problem setting this but here with Dazzling theme I cannot set a category image and keep getting the message “Item not updated”. I tried it on both categories that I currently have (yes so far I only have two). Here are the steps I am taking:

  1. Go to Product Categories
  2. On the right side I mouse over the Cooking category and click on Edit.
  3. On the Edit Product Category screen I go down to Thumbnail and click Upload/Add Image
  4. It takes me to my media library where I choose the image I want (I’ve tried many and none worked).
  5. Once the image is checked, I click on Use Image then it goes back to the Edit Product Category screen showing the image as the thumbnail.
  6. I click on Update and then I get the message “Item Not Updated” on top and there was no image for the Cooking category.

These steps worked for my other sites. Why not here? Driving me nuts.

We haven’t modified this functionality for Dazzling or Unite theme, so it still have default behavior. It also works fine on our demo website.
Your process is correct but something is missing between the lines. Make sure to check your server log if it doesn’t return some error when you try to use this image. Also, try to switch temporarily back to Unite theme to see if this function still works there. Other options would be to disable all plugins and then check if this function works.