Can't crop images in WordPress


I cant crop images in WordPress anymore, it has been working fine till now. For example, my logo is now showing full image, whereas it was showing the cropped version before. I get an error message when i click on the crop button…
“The image could not be uploaded. Refresh the page and try again.”

Any suggestions how to fix it?
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Hi Shakeel,

Thank you for your question.

This can be child theme issue on your site so to confirm it just temporary use the Shapely theme instead of child theme on your site. If everything works fine then it’s your child theme issue so just share me your child theme so that i can troubleshoot it.

Also this can be due to plugin conflict on your site so please try temporary deactivating all plugins and see whether everything works fine and then enable the plugins one by one to see which plugin is conflicting if any.

Best Regards,

Hi Movin,

It wasnt child theme issue.
Deactivating all plugins and then activating again worked great.

Thank you!
Have a good day!


You are always welcome here :slight_smile: