Can't Edit Primary Menu

I just updated to WP 4.1 and I am running Sparkling 1.7. When I go to edit a menu, it errors out with a “Are you sure you want to do this?” page. This feature worked on WP 4.0.1 so I am not sure if something changed?

This is very annoying as I now have a menu item I can’t delete but need to. Any chance this is the theme? Can someone please give me some input? Thanks.

by the way, the question is the only thing that shows. There is no Yes No button to proceed. It is not an HTML form. It is simply a p tag in the body of the html doc. Hope that helps.

no one having this issue?

Here are some things you might try:

  • Make sure to disable all plugins and check if it helps.
  • If not, try to check your server error log if something comes up when you try to access this section.
  • If nothing from above helps, try to temporarily switch to WordPress default theme such as Twenty Fifteen and check if this functionality works. If it does then try to switch back.
  • If these steps doesn’t help. Go to WordPress dashboard - Dashboard - Update and click “Re-install Now”. This will reinstall WordPress but all settings will be there, so don’t worry that it could break something.

Let me know if any of these steps helped to solve these issues.

thanks Aigars… I found the plugin causing the issue. Sadly, it was my plugin causing the issue. I guess the bright side is I can fix it ASAP!!!