Can't edit text widgets with wordpress 4.8

As far as I know, WordPress 4.8 introduced new widget editor. Unfortunately, after the upgrade, I stumbled upon the bug when there’s no possibility to edit text widgets cuz the textarea is missing completely.
However, If I switch on some other template it works fine.
Has someone run across the same issue?

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So when you click on the text area the wysiwyg editor,does not appear?

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Yes, no textarea is visible.
The problem is connected to Shapely.

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Thanks for that information.

I am still trying to replicate this issue but the text widget works on my test site.

Please try disabling any third party plugins that you have active to see if a conflict is at work here.

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Thanks for your help, guys.
Tested out the new version of Shapely. The issue indeed is not present.
Then I checked Functions.php of my template and found out that the problem is caused by the code which’s supposed to disable website URL field for comments:

/*removing website url field in the comments area*/
add_filter( 'script_loader_tag', 'js_defer_attr', 10 );
function crunchify_disable_comment_url($fields) { 
    return $fields;

Strange cuz before the update to wordpress 4.8 it did work OK.

By the way, a lot of good changes in Shapely since the version 1.0.5, considering to switch on it now.