Can't edit the entry of the project section


I do not have the “entry” to add some text in my project section.
Could you help me please?

thanks in avance!

Hi @apolline,

WIth the help of widget text html you could add your text in each section you want.



Sorry but could you give me more explanation?

I do not have the “entry”, please help me more :slight_smile:

Hi @apolline,

Please make sure that you have the jetpack plugin installed.
Go in Appearance, Customize>Widgets select section, click on add widgets and from the widgets list select text, like in the screenshot attached



Please, I think you don’t understand what I’m trying to explain :slight_smile:
I can’t edit under the title “Guides” (paragraph just on the top of the 3 pictures). Do you see?
Please, find attached what I’m trying to explain.
Thanks a lot

hi @apolline,

I just told you how :slight_smile: But let me say better: go in Appearance> Customize>Widgets> And there you could select the section that you want to edit, for example that you have I think is front page projects sidebar> click, then click on add a widget> and select from the list Text-arbirtrary text or HTML as the print screen attached. In that widget you could put what text you want.
Just try it:)



Dear Colorlib, sorry for disturbing you with my bad english but i have the exact same problem: i can’t find the entry button on Projects section and can’t edit the text after Projects which the defalut is “You’ll love our work. Check it out!”. How could i do this? If i add a text wiget in the Project section like you gently show in the previous post, i can edit only the part with the photos and not the “subtitle” (if i can call so) part. Best regards and thanks for your hard work.

Hello guys,

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for letting us know about this is a bug. It was reported to our developers, and will be fixed in the next update, but if you want us to help before that please send us your ftp info and we will take care of it asap.

Thank you for your patience,

Ahhhhhhh really good news!!! Thanks a lot :smiley:
How could we proceed to send you our FTP, what do you need exactly?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


We need a ftp user and a password, please set the message as a private message in order for this message to be private - this is a precaution so that others will not see your pass.


Hey, great :slight_smile:

Please, find below our id and mp:

Thank you very much for your help

Dear Colorlib,
thank you very much for your reply. Can i ask you when will be the next update?
Sorry for disturbing you again, and thank again for your hard work,
Best regards

Hi Colorlib,

Would it be possible to help me adjust the text before the next update? And when will the next update be (see update godless)?

Kind regards,


Dear Colorlib, could you please help me with the problem? These are my information:
[email protected]
FTP Server:
FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21


I want to chime in here having the same issue. How do I contact you privately for sending FTP details?

Another suggestion I’d be happy with is to know from which version the problem emerged. I already rolled back (with WP rollback plugin) from version 2.0.0 to the most recent version before that ( but in I still have the same problem.

If I all I need to do is know which version to roll back to where it didn’t break yet I’d be happy for now.

Thank you!


Sorry for a late response, please create a separate thread with your own problems to get faster replies, you can use the private reply option to sent the WP and FTP login details for us to debug the issue. Please create a separate thread so that we can reply you swiftly and rewrite the issues you’re facing in the new thread.

Let us know,



as you can see on my attachment, i cant edit the “Entry” part…wish you can help me…

Tnx in advance…