Can't get logo to show for Pinbin WordPress theme?

Hello, first of all thank you for the great theme, for once I can follow the html code as it is so clear.
But… something happened and I don’t know how to fix it, maybe you can help me.
I uploaded the logo as normal, then I went to change it and now each time I upload the logo, or pick it from the Media, it shows the installation page with a red star near the name (red star = something is missing?) and then, after I rewrite the name of the file and save it, the logo doesn’t show up.
What can I do?
thank you very much
all the best

you can see it here

please, can anybody help? How can I put the logo in manually? please?

This function by default works exactly like it should. Make sure to reinstall theme from scratch to make this functionality to work again.

If you want to add logo manually (not recommended) then you do it like this:

<a href="http;//"><img src=""></a>

That’s a basic image code with linking URL.

thank you very much, how do I do the a href for an image I upload to the library, without link?


I faced with same issue. Are here some way to solve it?

After I press UPLOAD the 404 appears - 404: Page or File Not Found

I tryed to find the path in the editor but I can’t.

Will be thankful for any information.