can't proceed header.php in my activello child theme

I need your help with my child theme header.php.
I wanted to change a metaslider on my home page ( by adding a new shortcode to header.php in my child theme as I used to do for months - I got message that files are modified but they are not - I still can see an old shortcode, no changes are saved… Why header.php doesn’t react for those changes?
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You need to ensure that you are making the changes to the new child theme that you have created with its own header.php file.

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header.php to my child theme was created a couple of months ago and all was fine until today. Now I can’t make any changes in header. Does it mean I should make a new header.php to my child theme based on the previous header.php from child theme?:slight_smile:
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I’d suggest recreating a new child theme, in the event any changes were made to the theme update.
You could look into this plugin to create a new child theme as well.

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