Can't save general theme options

Hello there,

Whatever change you make in those appearance options (Theme Options -> General) they won’t save. Using the latest Theme version.

Example: disabling animations or the loading screen.

Any help is kindly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for the mail.
That is quite odd. Kindly confirm are there any errors reported on your WP_DEBUG log or the web console?
If the issue is still persistent, please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box

I couldn’t see any errors. If you could take a look I’d be very happy.

Hey there

Please check again your homepage, as you can see I was able to edit text on your homepage and it was saved and published

Yeah the customizer is fully functional except those 4 options in “Theme Options” -> “General” (see attachment). You cannot save those 4 settings for animations and the loading screen etc, even if you change those checkboxes.

Good morning

Ok, i see it now, try to click on the names “dissabled” “enabled” it will also work as a switcher

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either. You can also switch the radio button even though it’s off-screen, but you cannot publish changes. It won’t save. Also tried clicking the labels, but didn’t change.

Good morning

The appearance of the switchers is fixed but publish function is still not working, do you have any modification in the theme? can I refresh it?

I have a child theme active to change 2 things, but it didn’t work before the child theme either.

So, can u refresh parent theme?

How do you refresh a parent theme?

I will rewrite it by the fresh version of the theme, so be aware if you have any modification they will lose, is this ok?

I’m having this same issue. Can you let me know how to refresh a theme? Or is there some way to select options via the theme editor since anything in the customizer with a radio button doesn’t seem to work?

Good morning here

Everything works when you activate parent theme, can you tell me what is your modifications in the child theme?

@citizenkid are you suing child theme? if yes please activate parent theme and try again

The radio buttons are no longer off screen with the parent screen, but still you cannot publish changes, which means the problem is not fixed.

Feel free to refresh the theme or whatever it takes to make those options work, however note I don’t have a backup of the website, only of the child theme. The main theme has no changes by me, the child theme only 2 small changes to the homepage and pages (section/section-intro.php, section/section-header-page.php), but as mentioned above I cannot save the options with the parent theme active either.

And the website is live so if you could revert test changes to text on the site that would be cool.

@Noda I’m not using parent / child themes. Just the one Pixova Lite them. I’d tried switching to another theme and back. No change.

Created my own support ticket

Hello @wiswp

Just checked it again, everything works in parent theme, can you please check it again? I tried several options and it worked for me, I really can’t see any problem

У меня такие же проблемы, не могу сохранить изменения в общих настройках., что делать?