Can't upload demo content in Illdy

Hi there, I have really huge trouble with Illdy templete. I’m trying to install that. As first, I can’t do that with file from your website. Wordpress tell’s me something like ‘validity of the link expired’. I tried to install Illdy from Wordpress theme instalator. I was able to install that but my problem is, I can’t upload the demo content.

Illdy plugin is activated. I’m clicking the button for uploading demo content and it doesn’t work. Thank you very much for you help.

I tried to uninstall all files Wordpress and database, use Wordpress version 4 and nothing helped me.

I attached a video

Hi, having the same issue. Have deleted any plugins that could conflict and the demo button does not work .


Hey there

Guys, please note, if you already have content on the site you will be not able to import a demo on the site, but if this is not the case please provide access details of your website and I will check the problem


HI Noda, thank you. My page was clear when I was trying to upload demo content there. What shall we do now? How can I provide you access details?

hi Michael

You may post them here but don’t forget to use set as private reply checkmark under the message box