Carousel problem


I’m trying to change the posts on the carousel, but the “Theme Options” button within the appearance menu is not there anymore :frowning: Please, see image attached!

Do you know what the problem may be? Can anyone help?
Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @verobd,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

All theme options are now moved to WordPress customizer that you can find in the admin area under Appearance >> Customize. All settings are still there but now you can tweak everything on a live preview. This change is made due to recommendation.

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Hi Movin! Thanks for your reply!
The thing is that i cannot manage to “see” that area of my website… I have been trying for the last 12 hours and… nothing. It remains “charging” (see the snapshot attached)… is there any other way to access that area or change the carrousel?

Hi Vero,

It’s working fin for me on my test site without any issue.

This can be due to plugin conflict on your site so please try temporary deactivating all plugins and see whether everything works fine and then enable the plugins one by one to see which plugin is conflicting if any.

The carousel is called the slider which you can enable and configure from the following path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Travelify Featured Slider

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