Carousel size

I used recomended size images 1100x600px for Carousel (Unite Theme + CPT Bootstrap Carousel) but wrapper seems too higher I can’t adjust it. I want get effect like on demo page. Please help.

Please post your website URL, so I can see what you are doing wrong.

1100 x 600px images for slider are recommended and are the ones I am using in theme demo but there must be something else misconfigured.

Test site I changed only colors in code. Problem is on two instalations WP.

You have wrapped slider shortcode with <pre> and <code> tags and that is completely unnecessary. You need a plain shortcode and nothing else. Make sure to open your page in Text/HTML editor and remove all code around slider shortcode, so at the end it would look like this with no wrapping tags.

[image-carousel twbs="3"]

Thank you fo help. I guessed that pre and code cause troubles. Nothing changed after I insert you shortcode. Finally I discovered that WP visual editor generates pre and code. I erased all marks and inserted proper shortcode in clean form, thereafter Carousel works fine.