Cart amount on top header not refresh on add to cart

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I have a trouble with the cart amount on the top of the page. If I add a product to cart, on the shop sidebar it’s updated at the moment via ajax, but on the header, I have to reload (or change) page to update it. It’s a bug or it’s possible update this field just when a product is added to cart?

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Jaume - Endeka Sports

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I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I was able to replicate the issue. I went ahead and reported the issue to the developer.

We’re unable to provide you with an ETA for when it will be addressed, so we ask that you be patient with us.

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Thanks for your response and for reporting the issue to the developer!

The issue only happens when the option “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” is enabled.

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Jaume - Endeka Sports

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Thank you for reporting this problem, it’s already addressed and will be fixed in the future updates, meanwhile please disable that feature “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives”
We will not close this ticket until problem is resolved by the new update or fix

the price in the basket does not change, and can also be arbitrarily changed when switching from the goods to the goods.

Hi @19leva89

Are you reporting the same issue or your question is different? can you tell me steps how to replicate your problem?
if its different then the new ticket would be better in this case but if its same we are waiting for a patch for this problem,

Tried to turn on and off AJAX add to cart buttons on archives - did not help.

  1. Go to my site (the basket is empty)
  2. Go, for example, the section with the goods (in the basket appears an arbitrary amount)
    3.3. If the amount in the basket does not change, you can go to another product tab.

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I’m sorry but I am not clear on what the above post is saying, are you unable to switch to a different tab in the product description?

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