Hi there! I am experimenting some issues in the shopping cart section using Fashe Theme.

  • When adding an item to the shopping cart and reviewing your basket this remains empty until you refresh your web page. Occasionally, when refreshing your basket it appears repeated twice.

  • When deleting items from your shopping cart an error message is displayed.

  • Sometimes the checkout screen doesnt look right. However, it is displayed as it should occasionally.

Please could you kindly help me to fix the cart shopping section? Screenshots showing these issues are attached.

password: frawmo2208

Thanks! Regards.

Hey there

Can you please reupload the theme from scratch? I see some of the files are generating an error messages, looks like they are not fully uploaded? please try this and let me know results

Hi! I reuploaded the theme from scratch, as suggested, but some issues still continue. I think some others are fixed, but when you add an item to the shopping cart and then review the cart, it remains empty although the correct number of added items is correct. Other times, it keeps appearing repeated twice. Screenshots are attached.

Could you help me? Regards.

please could u help me? your solution didn’t work


Hi, Jon here if you have any issue about a [car] keep calm and take relax Colorlib will solve your problem. Colorlib is here only for peoples satisfaction thank you.

Hi there

Sorry, but not clearly get point of your message, please elaborate little bit more