category page not showing products

Hi Guys!

Thank you very much for the free theme. Love it.

For some reason, products are not showing up on the category pages. I have gone through the settings and changed them over and over but can’t get them to appear.

Can you please help?

Would prefer not to post a link to my site in the forum. Please tell me how to get the link to you.

Thank you.

Without seeing your website URL there is not much I can help. Please post your website url like this colorlib(.)com so it doesn’t become and active link. I will also make sure to remove it once this thread is resolved.

Thank you Aigars.

Didn’t quite understand how to put this link in ehsat you sent.


This is supposed to be protected but not sure why its not showing as protected either.

I imagine you may need login info as well?

Let me know! Thank you!

I get an error message saying “Oops! This Content is Members Only” which means that you have set your entire store for registered users only but I have no Idea how you managed to do that. Maybe it is some kind of plugin or WooCommerce functionality but I have never seen anything like that.

To make things even worse there is a two different website one running on and second one is just Probably it causes a lot of 404 errors across your website because rewrite rules aren’t working properly.