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I’d like to put the text category after the post feed and the menú order page. Now is at the begging but its not the most important thing. I want the post feed to show first:
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In relation to your question here, if you are referring to the category title on the beginning of the page, I’m afraid that would entail a bit of custom work which is beyond the scope of our support. I would recommend on services form Envato Studio (

Please let us know if you have any more questions.
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I am not referring to the category title but the category description.
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Sorry, but without template customization this is not possible :frowning:

So, what do I need to customize in the template?

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“So, what do I need to customize in the template?” - Well, this is the main question :slight_smile: basically this question falls outside of the free support scope :frowning: