catlist plugin

trying to get the catlist plugin to work using the standard shortcode syntax [catlist id=1] on a ‘page’. is not working with this theme. Its actually displaying what looks like a post (weird) with multiple bullet points… so there is something seriously wrong… Within this theme is there a vetted method to display posts of a certain cat id on a page? or is there any know conflict with the plugin ?


The plugin works as expected with standard 2013 theme.

Got the shortcode working but it just displays an

    . Was able to get the desired results though content extensions. Bit frustrating though to have to create seperate page template for each page displaying posts vs adding a single line ofshortcode… Am I missing something?

Actually I had some code in the archive page method in content-extensons.php that was causing the issue…

I am not very familiar with this kind of plugins. But I don’t see a need for it since you can just open category page itself like this:

Or you are just trying to get the lost of posts from category without excerpts, featured images etc?

I agree that category/xxx works however my req is to display the lists on pages, so the URL structure doesnt include the word /category/. I figured it out by simply checking the page name in travelify_theloop and calling a specific method for a particular page.

Category slug can be easily removed with this plugin:

YOu can develope your own solution since there are loads of tutorials about this, however, this plugin does everything you need.