Center menu and make title above menu

How do I center my primary menu and then add the title of my blog or the logo be above the menu?

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Thank you for the question, sorry but i want to say theme does not have an option for this layout and without template customization, this is not possible :frowning:

Do you know how to do it within the css files?

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Question is not only in the css file, but you also need to change the layout of the header too, in PHP files,
if you know how to work with them files you need is style.css and header.php

Do you know how to do it or where i can find a tutorial? Ive tried to look but cant find anything.

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Dear @incomethatspassive this is what stands for customization, the theme doesn’t have this option and core functions need to be changed, I’m sorry but we can’t provide support for such work :frowning: