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Hi, Sorry this is my second question today. I noticed that when on mobile the content shifts to the left and there is a large white gap down the side of the screen.

How can I fix this?

Hey there

Let me see it, please provide the URL of the page

It is happening on all posts. The home page and any page created using Elementor is fine. The problem is with posts.

Thank you for your help!

Hey there

I just tried one of your post and this is what I have:

Hi, I see that it looks fine on this screenshot but on an actual mobile it is not. It is like the images I showed you previsouly. I have also checked on different mobile devices and the content is still not centred. How can I fix this?

May I know what is the name of the device you tried? I did it on android and it’s ok for me


Hi, I have tested it on 2 different Android phones and the problem occurs on both of them. It appears fine on test websites, but not on actual mobiles. Is there some sort of code I can put into the CSS area to ensure the content is centred on all devices?

This is how it appears on the Galaxy S21: Screenshot by Lightshot I also tried other phones but I really cant replicate the problem.
Yes, it can be fixed by css code but first I need to see the probelm


I am unsure of how it is working on your end but not on multiple phones on my end. How can I show you the problem so I can get the code to fix it?

Thank you for your time again.

Well, that’s strange, what is the exact model of the device you are using?

I have tested it on Samsung s7 and Samsung A50

Hi Katie

That’s how it appears on the mentioned phone: Screenshot by Lightshot same for A50

Hi, I can see this is the home page. This page is created using Elementor. Pages that have been created using Elementor are fine. Please can you check posts as this is where the problem is. I attached a screenshot in the first message so you can see the problem.

Thank you


its same for all other pages: Screenshot by Lightshot