Centering all widgets in footer section


I want to position the 3 text footer widgets I have to the center of the page. Currently, they align to the left of the page so there is room for one more widget. I’d like to shift all three to stay in their current layout, but just more centered in the page.

And is there a way to increase the footer text on mobile view?



You may use this code:

.footer-widget-area * {
text-align: center;

How can you delete unused footer widgets? I only have the need for 2 widgets and I’d like to delete the others to allow for more width on the footer section.


You need to delete from the Appearance > Widgets,
If the widget is still appearing from the blank footer then just place text widget with blank content

Is there a way to only center the footer widgets on mobile and keep the regular alignment where the widgets are side by side on desktop?


Sorry, but there is no such option :frowning: