CF7 Checkboxes/Drop Shadow

Love the theme! But I’m having trouble with the Contact Form checkboxes. When I add a check-box section, it doesn’t create checkboxes, but rather lines across the page. Am I doing something wrong here? This is the code that it is generating for me in CF7…"[checkbox* checkbox-743 “Windows” “Siding” “Roofing” “Coating”]" I’ve attached a screenshot of the site for more explanation.

Another thing that I’m sure is simple: I’ve added drop shadow to my main text on the jumbotron. Is there a CSS addition that will add it to the menu items at the top of the page?


Also, unrelated: Is there a way to remove the social media icons from each subsequent page (Blogs page, etc?) I don’t want them on any page.

Anyone have any ideas on the menu drop shadow and my checkboxes? I got rid of the social media icons.