CFA button: impossible

Hello, I would like to have a CFA button on the homepage as shown on Shapely. However even though I activated Shapely Compagnion there is no ‘homepage’ section within ‘widgets’ under ‘customize’. What can I do?

Hi there

Have you tried this documentation here? Shapely Theme Documentation - Colorlib

@colorlibsupport Thank you for your response.

Yes I did check out the videos.

Still there are 3 things not working:

  1. In my portfolio I get no option for ‘featured image’.
  2. Social media menu does not work.
  3. There is no video on how to use the call for action buttons as presented on the demo (the 2 buttons in the middle of the photo of waves).

I would appreciate some help.


Ok, Let me check it, send me your admin details in a private message here and I will try it