Change Blog Display Page Format to Demo

Hi there,

I want the page that displays my posts to look exactly as the demo in terms of format. Right now, something seems to be happening where the image and text is cutoff by some unseen barrier. I would like the images to take up the entire space before the sidebar and feature the same components as the template (i.e. author, date, category). How do I do that?

My site:
My posts page:
Shapely Demo posts page:


I see the website looks just fine, is that issue fixed?

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Hello ohmelodious,

i’m trying to make this change, how did you made it?

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Felippe Santana

Hi pedaispelomundo,

I made the change by following this sequence:

Appearance → Customize → Shapely Options → Blog Settings → Blog Layout → Large Images

I still cannot get the same words to appear under the photos as seen in the demo, but it’s better than nothing!

Good luck!

Thanks for you reply.

could i ask another question? how did you remove the header space from you page?

Thanks again.

Hi @pedaispelomundo,

Can you attach the screenshot again? I can’t guess which header space you’re talking about. Or give us a link, and tell which, so that I can help.

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