Change default text color

I have the following issue:
I have the main page:
Also I am importing this page in:
(as page content) - It seems that the text color for part of the text is changed to white.

Can you guys help me find from where I can change the default text color back to black in this case (for the entire website) ?

If I set the text as h2, 5, h6, etc the text color is black, but it’s kind of hard to do this for everything rather than having it black by default.

Finnaly fount the issue. If anybody else has this issue you need to update the following css class:
section[data-section=“0”] {
color: #FFF;
to something like:
section[data-section=“0”] {
color: #000;

Good morning

Sivanscu thank you for sharing solution, is there anything else? can I help you with other things?