Change feature image size and portfolio page image size

Hello - two questions:

Is it possible to edit the size of the feature image on my project so it doesn’t get cropped on

And is it possible to change the size of the project images on portfolio page?
(I’d like them to be bigger and also maybe add a little margin around each image.

Thank you for your help.

HI there

Thank you for a question

Sorry but there is no such option in the theme to change images size, preferred image size for the portfolio is 700*350

ok thank you

Hi there,

I’m a bit confused about your answer here because in another thread you do say that it possible:

Or am I mixing up something?

Also I wanted to know how to not show the Image on a single portfolio item?

And another question, but a bit off topic: How can I change or remove the “Phone” “Adress” and “Email” Headings on the contact form?

Thank you very much in advance


Hello Luca

There is no option in the theme to change image setting unless you do not modify theme code, and this is the than which i do not always suggest, if you want more from the theme then you have to know how to customize it, earlier i was suggestion to change the code but i guess this is not always good, for every customer :slight_smile:
Regarding other question, can help you but please open your ticket, i will close this case since an author is already answered