Change home logo link in header

The link automatically generated when you input your logo in the left hand corner of the nav points to my blog. ( I would like to change it so that it points to my actual website home page so that it mimics the behavior of my website I tried changing this in the settings of my WP dashboard but this messes up all my posts and permalinks.

Is there a way to change the link?

Well, WordPress understands it own first page as homepage and that’s why it point to /info page.

There is no option for that in WordPress dashboard and you will have to edit header.php and replace

<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>

with your actual url to website

This code is mentioned two times in the header.php an in your case you need to replace the second one but it’s OK if you will change them both.

Thank you! It worked like a charm. Just needed a little help pointing me in the right direction.

7 years later I’ve got the same problem. I found the php echo but the rest is different in the shapely header.php.
Any ideas how I could change the link?

Hey there

Probably location of the function was changed, you may use this plugin to locate any string in the WordPress files: String locator – WordPress plugin |