Change inserted text below picture

I’m relatively new to wordpress and your activello theme, but am loving it so far and made some minor tweaks with a child theme, as well.

I would like to make an adjustment to the text that is automatically inserted when adding an image into posts and pages via the “Add Media” button.
When I insert an image into a post or page, the caption of said image is included below the image (all within a white box). I would like to change this output to having the image title displayed and below the title having the image description instead of having the caption.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure this out myself. Could you please point me in the right direction to accomplish this?

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The theme does not have the option to display the description of the image built into it. In order to have the description appear instead of the caption text you would need to change the PHP code used for the posts.

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Hi @adrica1866,

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You can try achieving this by developing custom code in your child theme as described on the following page.

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