Change Jumbotron Size

I would like a smaller (height) jumbotron size- where can I change that so I can use a smaller image and have it take up less screen space? Thanks!

Hello @capforge,

Add this code to Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css and play with the values to perfectly match your needs:

#header .bottom-header {
    padding-top: 240px;
    padding-bottom: 280px;

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

Yes, that worked great, thanks! Once I’ve adjusted, is there a way to then calculate the ideal image size to use?

Hello Matt,

I cannot suggest you an ideal size after you used the custom spacing.
The way forward is trial and error


Hi, thanks for your help but when I go to style.css, it just has text about the theme and 2 lines at the end with @import

Where exactly do I ender those few lines of code? It doesn’t seem to change mine when i insert it.



The code should be placed in a child’s theme stylesheet.css, ideally.

But you can use a plugin like Simple Custom CSS or place it at the end of Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css

Please keep in mind that this will get erased if you update the theme and also let me know if you got it alright.


hello, your theme is one of a kind. thank you for all the effort creating these theme. how ever i can’t find the css code to adjust the width of the front page post

i tried to resize the slider to 1200px but no luck

thank you and more power!