Change menu font color & logo image on home page only

I want to change the menu font color on the home page but keep it the same for all other pages, and also, use a different logo image on the home page only and keep it the same for all other pages. I’ve tried to come up with the CSS on my own, but I’m not getting it right. Please help!

Hi there

Let me see it, please provide URL of the website and screenshots if necessary

Thank you. I figured out how to change the menu, but still need help with the logo. This is what I used for the menu:

#header.header-front-page .header-navigation ul li a{
color: #050a30;

Here’s the URL:

Hi there

So, do you want to have a different logo for the homepage? I’m afraid this is not possible since there is no such option and its also not possible by custom CSS


I actually figured it out! I got this work with CSS today!!

That’s nice to hear :slight_smile: