Change Menu Hover Color

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to alter the menu to have a blue background, and a white hover. As far as I can tell this isn’t possible with the default theme options, unless I have the Element Color set to #FFFFFF, but I want to leave that blue and change ONLY the menu hover to white. Any help? Tried some Custom CSS by inspecting the element in Chrome, but wasn’t successful, any help greatly appreciated




Yes, this is not possible with this theme. It has less advanced Theme Options than Travelify or Sparkling theme and I would like to keep it that way.

Please post your website URL and I will give you an exact CSS code to change menu item hover color. It is a really simple task if you are familiar with Google Chrome Dev Tools. A single element inspection is enough for it.

Thanks for your response, the website is currently offline, in development, so I can’t provide a URL at the moment. With the element inspection I can find the CSS for the hover action, but the greater than “>” symbol isn’t allowed in the custom CSS area, are you able to help without the URL?


Hi Aigars, I have resolved the issue I was having. Syntax error inside the custom css part of the theme options.



Unfortunately, Options Framework, the one we use for Theme Options doesn’t allow this kind of code without sanitization to be printed in website source. But you can always use Custom CSS plugins or modules such as one that comes with Jetpack. That’s my personal favorite as well.

How can I change the green hover color
have tried to change in the css
but no luck


Try options “Element color” available in WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Theme Options - Main

Hello @Aigars

I hope you can help me. I have the same Problem, i can’t change the colour of the hover buttons


Now its this colour #1fa67a
and i nee this one: #0eaf10

the second problem i have.

“Slider is not properly configured” this text i can’t remove.

thank you for your help and support !