change position of menu navigation

How I can change the navigation menu below the header and not under the slider, translated by google translator (this theme has support is Spanish)

Yes, this theme does have Spanish language but unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish.

Most likely you are confusing Custom Header image available under Appearance - Header (Don’t know how it is in Spanish) with the actual slider which is available under Theme Options - Featured Slider.

In theme demo we don’t use Custom Header image but only featured slider.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

When I develop the website for my customer, I have a problem about the sidebar style. You have a very good and customize menu bar in which we can change the color and so on. But for the sidebar, it has less design and settings, just words and links. Is it possible to make the sidebar function the same as menu bar? normally, the menu bar and sidebar have the same display style.
i want to change my side menu color like header menu >> how can i change it ??
pl help me even i am not able to to post any question how can i submit a ticket ??