Change post display mode per category

For all categories on my site, I want to show excerpts only. This works OK. However, there is this one category where I would like to show entire posts instead.

The problem is, that the theme setting is global. I can have all categories show either one way or another, but not mixed. Is there a possibility to change this somehow only for selected categories?

On other WP sites that I have been working on, I have seen theme settings could be changed globally or contextually only. However, I’m not WP expert and I’m not sure if this is the property of the theme or some extra plugins or what else.

Hi there

Try this method here:How to Properly Use the More Block in WordPress


Those methods (use of the More block and excerpt property) do not work. In the post, I have complex elements (quote block + embedded link) that are discarded with the More block mode and cannot even be entered with the excerpt property.

What else could I try?

If you find any solution, please tell me I want to implement on my gaming website