Change Shapely purple color blog and contactform

Hello support,

I have replaced almost all of the purple of the original Shapely template on our website. But I still have 2 places where the purple color is still visable, and I can’t seem to change that (probably custom CSS).

  1. Hover color ‘Related articles’ when opening a blogpost. See screenshot (“Wat kost een ventilatiesysteem?” is hovered). This one is still purple.

  1. Loading icon when sending a contact form message. See screenshot. This one is also still purple.

We want to change the purple to our orange (#c66a1d) color. Our website is:

Does anyone know where to find the option, or can someone help me with a custom CSS? Thanks in advance.

Hi there

You may use this css code to fix it:

.shapely-related-posts .shapely-related-post-title a:hover, .shapely-related-posts .shapely-related-post-title a:focus {
color: red;

Yes, this works for the related post hover. Thank you very much!

Thank you too and have a nice day :slight_smile: