Change size of header and footer border line

Hi all

how do I change the size of the “purple” footer and header line (see attachment)? I would like it to be smaller (just a bit larger than the text).

Thank you

Hello hirrbla i wanted the same thing and this is the Custom CSS code i used to achieve it.
The following tcode needs to be placed in the Custom CSS which is located under “Appearance” in the dashboard.

/* reduces the minimum height (thickness) of the nav bar

.navbar {min-height:30px;}

/* this next part is what changes padding above and below the text in the navbar*/

.navbar-nav > li > a {
padding-top: 5px;
padding-bottom: 5px;

Attached is a screenshot of the size my nav bar is.

P.s my navbar is partly transparent. IF you want the code for that just let me know.



thank you so much. I was able to reduce the height (thickness) on the top bar, but it didn’t change the bottom bar. Do you know the code for that?

The “transparent” code looks really nice… Would you mind sharing that as well?


[email protected],

Tty to use this css code for the bottom bar:

#colophon {
       padding: 12px 0;



Hi Hirrbla here is the code for the nav bar transparency

.navbar.navbar-default {background-color: rgba(84,56,126,0.5);}

The first 3 numbers in the () are the RGB colors of the bar so you can change that to whatever color you want.
The LAST number, in this case 0.5 is the amount of transparency you want.

Hope it works for you

Ross from CrystalEdge