Change Text Color Sitewide and Problem with Paragraphs

I am having difficulty trying to maintain breaks between multiple paragraphs in the About page. I go into the code and try both the <br> and <p>, plus the other coded buttons available, with no success. It shows the text in paragraphs when I save it, but returns to one paragraph after I get out of the page in the back office.

As for font color, I tried the solution you gave another subscriber, but it did not work for me. The site still shows grey text. The solution you gave was:

/Blog font color/
.shapely-content.dropcaps-content {
color: black;


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  1. Can you kindly send a URL to a post where you have this issue. As I’m unable to replicate this issue.

Do you have any additional CSS implemented? If so try removing it and testing to see if there’s some CSS causing the issue.

  1. Try adding the !important rule.

/Blog font color/
.shapely-content.dropcaps-content {
color: black !important;

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I tried using the rule and took out all other css that might interfere, but it did nothing. The font color is still grey. I found I could change the font of individual posts, but I will have to go into each one to do that - which is not necessary with css.

As for the paragraph breaks, here is the link to the page at issue:

When you highlight the text, you can see where I attempted paragraph breaks. I work with html on my website and tried coding this page, but had no success. I had no problems with the blog posts - didn’t even have to use code to separate the paragraphs.

If you could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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The paragraph breaks should work if you use the enter key on your keyboard and if you are using the br code then you need to use the “text” tab in the text editor and the correct code for the break is </br>.

This CSS code should change all the body font color to black :

body {
    color: black;

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The body font color now works with the code you gave me. Even though there was no “text” tab in the text editor, the <br> has been working (don’t know why it didn’t work before). Thank you!