Change text on contact page


How can I change the wording “address” or “phone” to something else on the “shapely” contact section form?
See the screen grab attached.

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Thanks for reaching out.
Relating to your question here, could you please try using this plugin (Loco Translate – WordPress plugin | to alter those Strings.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks very much for your help.

I have tried to translate it but unfortunately it didn’t work. Could you let me know where I can change it using the code editor?

Also I have included the instagram icon and it seems that it appears using the old icon style. Please see the files attached. is there a way to include the most up to date Instagram icon


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Which template are you using? please provide link to your page, your question is listed in html templates section


I’m using Shapely.
User: admin
Pass: pass


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Did you have a chance to review the above?

I have also found another issue. I have created a contact form using the same shapely template and I realised that the line breaks are not appearing on mobile versions as they are on the desktop version. Please see attached the screen grabs. Would you be able to help?


hey there

  1. address text - i’ve already reported this problem to our dev team and its already addressed, it will be available in the update
  2. text - try to use br tag in your text and check again

Thanks, It worked.

I have also noticed that the customization that I have made on the template that you can see here:

is not visible when I go to “view site” which I believe is the actual theme amended. See it here:

Not sure what I have done wrong. Could you help me?

Here is the access to the wordpress platform:
User: admin
Password: pass

Apologies the password is: .Explicageometria18.

Now i have also received this message:

Unauthorized. You may remove the customize_messenger_channel param to preview as frontend.

Really don’t no what is going on :frowning:

Hi guys sorry to be a pain.

I have managed to sort out my customized template by publish it :slight_smile: I know it might be obvious for you but for me is an achievement as i’m new with wordpress things.

So, now when I try to customize it again it shows my homepage but when I try to go to page “sobre” for example it logs me out.

Could you guys let me know what is going on?

Details below again

User: admin or [email protected]
Password: .Explicageometria18.

Really appreciate your help guys

Just in case you need my cpanel details:
User: explicag
Password: 1d2ymofr85

Hi there,

Just to let you know that i have managed to fix all the issues.

Thanks for your support any way :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

I will close this case now