Change the featured pricing in Woocomerce

Hi Colorlib Team,

I have a concern related to woocommerce and I know it might not be applicable here since these forum is based entirely for travelify theme. But I’m hoping with your knowledge you can help me resolve my concern.

I’m still a newbie in Wordpress and I’m having a hard time changing the featured pricing in my site, Since I forgot how to do it.
My problem here is,
a.) How can I change the featured pricing based on this link

I’m done change the variations, and on the right side price, it has already changed. What I want to change is the left side, I know that we can change it, I just forgot how. I have encircled the price that I want to change. I want to feature the cheapest rate.

I hope you can help me resolve my concerns.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pilotmev,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Please ask non theme related question on our this support forum

The price displayed by circle in your shared screenshot is the minimum price of your variable product which you can set as described on the following page.

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